KEYSYSTEM Workflow management is a web application designed to manage complex processes of data changes. It has been created for HR processes, but made so general, that it can accomodate any process of any data changes. It focuses on orchestration (creating synergies) of currently separate processes and supporting IT systems, rather than replacing such processes and systems; thus complementing the missing critical element to ensure the effectiveness of data management and performance of processes.

  • The application keeps a model of processes created by analysts. Based on that it monitors important events, deadlines and fulfillment of the tasks of the process, and actively informs their doers and  contracting authorities about state of tasks, in accordance with preferences.
  • The application is exchanges data with internal or external information systems. It can use the corporate directory (AD, LDAP) to authorize users. The application is designed to be multitasking, multi-user and „multicompany“ – it can have a single installation for all companies within the group.
  • The application is designed to be installed on both the corporate server and outside the company. In the latter case, the system is provided by e-FRACTAL as a service. Data security is an absolute priority.
  • The implementation of an application is always precceded by thorough business analysis.
  • The application can be delivered altogether with complete analysis and visualization of business processes and their subsequent optimization.

Basic functions

  • Automation and orchestration of processes = significant lightening of administrative tasks, monitoring dependecies, deadlines, etc.
  • Automatic filling of templates for all the documents necessary (example: documents for the contractual relationship with an employee -  employment contracts, wage assessments, material responsibility ...) and other documents sent by email.
  • Support for multilingual documents with the choice of language by employees, locations etc.
  • Online management of employee data changes, including a complete agenda related to
    • joining the staff from the first contact with the employee to exporting all documents for signature on arrival day,
    • employment termination including severance payment and export of documents for signature at the date of termination of the employment relationship,
    • a one-time changes such as matching salary during illness, mobile phone charges, paying stocks, extra pay for representation, etc.
  • Communication of tasks for individual employees using the profile management application or sending mail.
  • Detailed reporting (SOX control) of all events and changes.
  • Ability of connection to external stakeholders (medical devices, external payroll management, benefit system, fleet management ...) and communication with them.
  • Modular and easily preprogrammed solutions for changing processes, roles, etc.
  • User and roles management.
  • Code-list management.
  • Web Application (nothing is not installed on user workstations). The application can be integrated in the corporate IT infrastructure, with the possibility of outsourcing the complete solution.
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